Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sketchie Poo

 I usually don't show people stuff from my sketchbook, but after showing my sister several sketches, I've decided to post a few up here. Alas, I don't have a scanner. I've had to resort to taking pictures of my sketchbook. I hate doing that because it's a lot darker so you won't be able to see the drawings as well. At least I'm showing you art, right?

Sketches of my brother Tyler and below him my adorable nephew Max. I also attempted cartoonized versions of them. It's a work in progress, but I think the bottom right one's my favorite.
I have a complex about hating everything I draw, so I have to write myself notes to remind me to have fun. Have fun. Have fun. Create first, then evaluate. So I doodled here. And it was fun! SUCCESS.
A little fanart of Rick Riordan's book The Red Pyramid. The top two are my creation, but the bottom two are copies. Carter's is from here, and when I read the description of Uncle Amos, I couldn't unsee him as "Bleeding Gums" Murphy from the Simpsons.
This was after my experience with the figure drawing class. It was one of the most fantastic experiences I've had drawing that I had to draw it. I also wrote about it - I'll put it up here soon. Ish. Except this last Wednesday I got totally lost on my way to the figure drawing class and I ended up missing it which makes me SO MAD.
This is my friend Staci. I simply just drew from her current profile picture on Facebook. She's really pretty so it was easy to draw.

The above two are from when Kent, Mel and I went to the beach on Memorial Day. Oh, and what I wrote about that woman isn't sarcasm. I've recently discovered that when I draw people I come to fall in love with them. People really are beautiful. I love it when people look different - you know, real. Not everyone has the perfect body type, and that's okay.
Just trying out some different styles. I love Berkeley Breathed's work and read Bloom County a lot growing up.
I had a lot of fun drawing this. I just woke up one morning and this contraption was in my head, and I just thought, "I HAVE to draw this." Dr. Seuss is the
So there's this blog called "All the Belles and Whistles." I actually don't read it, but when I saw the title I just immediately thought of a Southern belle blowing a whistle. Southern belles are so fun to draw. They have the prettiest dresses. I want to be a Southern belle, dang it! Here's one more:
The hardest thing about drawing with pen is that you can't erase anything (okay, that's stating the obvious), so you really have to make a drawing work. I'm trying to be less sketchy and make more deliberate strokes, but dang it, it's hard.
Two guys I saw at a coffee shop. I picked the perfect subjects, honestly. These guys stayed longer than I did. I wish I could redo the guy on the left, though. He's a lot older than he looks and he looks kinda wimpy in that sketch.

Goals for next week: Draw more guys! Work on anatomy! Try to study subjects more before you draw! Doodle! Self-indulge! Study other artists' work and THINK about it while you draw! Variety! Have fun! Draw! Draw! DRAAAAAAWWWW

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