Monday, August 1, 2011

Sketchbook Stuff

Some friends of mine have finally admitted to looking at my drawing blog. Sometimes it's embarrassing and then I tell them to never look at it again. I have issues. Hi Whitney!

I'm starting to finally figure out my parent's printer. I still don't know how to lower the contrast levels on it, but it's getting there. Thankfully all my drawings are in pen so I don't have to worry about pencil stuff.
I'm not very happy with the quality of this, however. The top is when I drew my nephew speaking in church. And then an octopus attacked him while speaking and he never broke character. True story.

The bottom two are more church drawings. The top is copied from this brilliant artist, Courtney Godbey. Just another study in style.
More fanart of Flipped! I'm still not satisfied with Bryce's design. I WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED.
Augh I drew one eye bigger than the other Hey look, it's a WWII WASP! I think if I lived in that time I would so totally be one. They are the My grandmuzzer was a WAVE, but come on. WASPs can FLY. FLYYYYYYYY
And more WASPs.
Oh, and that picture I took last album? I was able to scan it and I cleaned it up in photoshop. BEHOLD! ...I watch way too much Phineas and Ferb.
Here's a picture I drew of myself and my friend Susannah. We have complete opposite body types and I wanted to draw it. I originally meant to do a height comparison as well, but I drew her too big so there I am, just hanging back in the background...lonely...nobody ever pays attention to me....

Okay that's it. You can go now.