Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sketcheroodle Froodle

So I managed to find the CD and install the software to connect my computer to my brother's laptop; unfortunately, it doesn't seem to scan at very good quality. So I'm trying to figure that out so I don't have to outline all my drawings because my outlines aren't the best PLUSSSS I feel like it sort of sucks the life out of my drawings. But maybe I'm just paranoid.

More hands! The quote in the picture is from a story I heard from my old stake counselor Stratton many eons ago. If I remember right, he had a concussion, and he kept saying this to the doctors every five minutes.

This is what my creative process sort of looks like when I'm trying to brainstorm a design. The girl is none other than Julianna Baker, leading lady of one of my favorite books, Flipped. She just came out while I was doodling and I wanted to see what I could make of her.
And who would Julianna be if she didn't have the love of her life, chickens? And by chickens I mean Bryce Loski. Now he was a nasty little bugger. I could NOT get the image in my head down on paper.

Still trying to settle on a look for Bryce. I misquoted the book a lot because I hadn't read it in ages, but then I went to the library and found it and reread it again. After reading it, I looked at all my sketches of Bryce and just thought, "heck NO that's not Bryce."
Sorry for the low quality of these pictures. I took them at night in my room and my pen ran out of ink so the pictures aren't as clear. Siiiggghhhh
More Flipped. I was pretty obsessed this week. Still working on Bryce...
Trying to draw him in actual scenes instead of just from my head, thinking of what his motivations are and what he's feeling at this point. I think I'm getting closer...
Aaaannnnd I found him. Or at least, something that makes me happy enough. I'm sorry if you can't see this very well! See, I tried scanning this in, and this is what turned out:
See? You can barely see it at all. I also did this with some Foxtrot fanart:
And it looked like that. I don't get it. When I put the pictures in the scanner, it takes a picture and in the preview it looks like it's FANTASTIC quality and everything's hunky-dory. Then I save it into the computer and it just fades and blurs and it's extremely frustrating. If this happened to other artists, I wouldn't be as upset. But the thing is, it feels like I'm the only one this happens to and I can't figure out how to fix it.

So to temporarily fix the errors, I just outline it with a felt-tipped fine Sharpie pen. It's not a bad tool, but it's not as easy to work with as a pen or pencil. Plus, since it's black, it's like "hey, here are all of Liesl's mistakes all for the world to see."
I'm just hoping I'll be able to solve this. Dash it all.

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