Friday, June 10, 2011

Image Heavy (like YO MOMMA)

I drew a LOT this week. I think that's what happens when you don't really have anything to do and you can only handle so much Netflix. I still don't have a scanner, so here are some more photographed drawings from my sketchbook.
Some hand practice I did during church. Hands are extremely frustrating and difficult to draw and I feel like I never draw them enough. Church is a fantastic time to do it.

Some more Sunday doodles. The top one is of a woman sitting a couple of rows in front of me in church and she had this wacko hair that just...called to me, you know?
Some men in my quest to draw more guys. There's a little list  I have of guys I want to draw, but I shouldn't limit it to just attractive men, as tempting as it is. I can always go to this site for all my ugly man needs.
Some expression practice with emoticons as the prompt. It's drawings like these that make me just LOVE drawing.
Drew Jason Sudeikis as well as Mr. Thornton from North & South. If you haven't seen North & South, I would advise you to either watch it immediately or just strangle yourself on the spot for never having lived.
Ah, the Incredibles. My favorite Pixar movie, bar none. What kind of superpowers would you have if you could have any? Mine would SO be Elastigirl's. I can't even touch my toes, and she's as agile as a monkey. My favorite scene? When she grabs onto that little pod/car thing and just swings from it until she just flings herself on top of it. AWESOME.
Some more North & South as well as Princess Diana and some other doodles thrown in.
It's rare for me to have "completed" pieces like this. And by complete, I mean it's not just someone's head and the drawing actually has something going on in it. There are, of course, many things to fix like that right hand and arm as well as the proportions and that darn two-point perspective and probably the composition as well but all in all, it was very fun to draw.

Goals for next week: Hm. Continue to draw more guys - don't be afraid to draw ugly, hairy men. Try to challenge yourself and draw things that scare you. Step out of drawing with pen and go for pencil every once in a while. Keep studying different styles, whether it's Herge (who here's excited for the Tintin movie? I AM!!!) or someone completely opposite of you. Try to plan drawings; work on composition and design and really think about the story you're trying to tell. As always, self-indulge and allow yourself to dream.

I'm also thinking I'll post my daily stuff (just photographed from my sketchbook because it's just so easy to do) so not every post has to be super duper long and keep trying to organize what I want to work on. One thing I want to do, however, is just to fall in love with drawing. Otherwise I won't do it.

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  1. I love this blog! Thank you for telling me about it. You are AMAZING. And I agree about North & South. My sister is obsessed with it. I've actually only seen the first half though and it's bugging me.