Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some more pictures

I drew this during finals week. I'd have to say that winter semester was possibly one of the worst semesters of my entire academic career. I'm glad I'll be going on a mission so then I don't have to worry about school, thank goodness.
During my school burnout, the only thing I was interested in drawing Yeah. I'm a little vain. This picture and the next one aren't exactly self-portraits I was going for, but I used references for both.
Both drawn a little too quickly. I'm trying to be more patient with my drawings and be patient while I draw. Of course, I'm also trying to "stay loose," which almost feels like that's a contradiction.
I didn't get the job.

Do you like how I completely forgot to outline the table at the bottom? Yup. Space cadet. Observe, if you will, the employment of the infamous "smarm brow" in panel 6. My deepest apologies to Tracy Butler.

This particular piece will remain unfinished, but it was a really fun warm up on the tablet.

I also went to a drop-in figure drawing class last night. More on that later, but viewers will be spared pictures of naked people for the sake of family members, people who generally don't like to look at naked people, and nieces and/or nephews who may wander around on here.  


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