Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photoshop drawings and one pencil

Terribly sorry it's been a while. I haven't stopped drawing within the past few weeks, although I will not be showing you all that I've been drawing as it's part of a little self-project that I'm trying to organize until it makes sense. I promise I'll show you when I'm done. It's getting there, I swear.

Here's another "what I wore" that I worked on while waiting for our flight in the JFK airport. I probably won't finish it. That black-and-white thing is supposed to be a book.

Another reason for my absence is I got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday. I wrote and drew about it over here. Here are the drawings I did:

Notice the great pains I went to make sure I had every last detail.

I'm not kidding you about those multiple chins.
Okay, I didn't draw the "Forever Alone" guy, but I DID draw the hair.

This was the funnest to draw. Drawing me with a fat face made me reminisce about all those good ol' far side fat kids.
I'm rereading the Hunger Games right now. I had a horrifying dream the other week that I was in the Hunger Games and that a guy I knew in high school tried to kill me with a pizza cutter. While the dream was awful, it was still inspiration! I feel like Peeta would be the most likely to use this weapon.

Now that I'm home I HOPE that my parents' scanner will cooperate. So far it hasn't. Ah, well.

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