Friday, February 4, 2011

past, present, future

Okay, here's some stuff from the past. Not exactly from my childhood, but still oldish. This first one? 2009. The rest are from 2010, though.

 Okay, here's where we enter into the (mostly) present stuff of 2011:

The first picture is a depiction of my brother and I after a fruitful night of studying at the library, me dancing to "Mrs. Robinson" that they play at the HBLL to kick you out when it closes at midnight. At least, this is the IDEALIZED version. The one below it is probably more accurate.

This one is actually from October 2010. Ugh, I cringe at the anatomy in this one. I drew this for a contest in a group I'm in on DeviantART (I got 2nd place, actually, but it's a growing artists group) in about two hours. It's supposed to be two of my brothers after a successful basketball and/or football game. Or any other sports game, really. The one on the right is my brother's wife, while I'm on the left, laughing at my brother. Man, I would totally redraw this if I wanted to...but getting 2nd place was good enough for me.
Hah. I doodled this one while trying to study logic last September. I'd say it's pretty accurate.

I drew this one in Photoshop the other night after roller blading at Classic Skating. There were kids EVERYWHERE. It was impossible to go faster than .0000134 miles an hour. This picture is still quite a WIP, but the guy's expression makes me laugh.
This one's my baby. I don't know if you can tell what's going on, but there's a hole in that girl's chest and she's holding her heart in her hand. This is also VERY much a work in progress. That guy is a killer to draw. Guys are hard to draw in general. I MUST KEEP PRACTICING.

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to upload stuff from my sketchbook for my animation class. And then if all goes well, I can put up my SUPER EXCITING animation video of a bouncing ball! WAHOO